Half-cut round stickers

To make it a little easier to peel off and apply your awesome round stickers, we kiss cut them all before they get packaged and shipped out to you. What is a kiss cut? Using a metal die (think of a round shape cookie cutter with really sharp edges) we only cut the sticky part of your sticker, without cutting all the way through to the back paper.

Round Shape Stickers - Final Trimmed Size
Round Shape Stickers - Half Cut
Round Shape Stickers - left Over Sticker Portion

At Metro Print we carry 9 popular round sticker sizes. All the sizes are measured in diameter. Because the smallest size we can trim anything down to is 50x50mm, and the 30mm round and 40mm round stickers are smaller than that size, the final sticker size for both 30mm round and 40mm round is 50x50mm (square) sticker. Please refer to the illustration and chart below.

Round Shape Stickers - Diameter Circle
Diameter of Circle Final sticker size (square)
30mm round 50x50mm
40mm round 50x50mm
50mm round 56x56mm
60mm round 66x66mm
70mm round 76x76mm
80mm round 86x86mm
90mm round 96x96mm
100mm round 106x106mm
120mm round 126x126mm

Using the illustrator round sticker templates

First, lets open up one of our round sticker templates. Each template comes setup with the required trim marks and guides, so all you need to do is just set your design up. If you do not see these guides, you must first enable your guides. From the View menu, choose Guides > Show Guides.

Right Arrow
Round Shape Stickers - Template


Round Shape Stickers - Final Cut

Final cut sticker

Round Shape Stickers - Final Trimmed Size

Only the sticker will be orange

Round Shape Stickers - Set Bleed

Set your bleed up like this!