Artworking Service

Send us what you have. We’ll make it work.

Need some changes to your data, but don’t have design software?
Already have a design, but you don’t have access to the working files?
Only have a printed copy and you lost your original data? This service is for you!

We don’t just print, we fix your design too!

In addition to our complete design services, we also offer Artworking Services and Data Recreation Services – should you only
require small modifications to pre-existing data. Our creative team of in-house designers are ready to handle any task, big or small.

As design and print professionals, we use our expertise to guide you and your project along the way, recommending any special
papers or finishings which would take your project from 0 to 100. We work in a strictly Mac environment using Adobe Design
softwares (Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign).

Artworking Service - Data Artworking Services

Data Artworking Services

Send us your data and tell us what changes or modifications you need applied. For a small fee (starting from) 50 Dhs, we perform non-creative services to make your files ready for print. Artworking services include but are not limited to:

Updating previously designed or printed files

  • With new information (names, titles, addresses)
  • By replacing layout content / logos
  • Applying image retouching / enhancements
  • Adjusting / tweaking colours
  • Logo / Graphic vectorisation

Troubleshooting data

  • Adding necessary final touches (bleed, safety)
  • Converting RGB and Pantone data to CMYK
  • Replacing low resolution images with better quality ones
  • Adjusting content if text is too close to the edges
  • Resizing data from one size to another
Artworking Service - Data Recreation Services

Data Recreation Service

If you do not have the original working files, editable files or printable files, we can recreate workable and editable files from your scan, picture or printed sample. The recreation fee would be 50% of the Design Fee for the corresponding size (as per the prices on our Design Services page)

Check here

NOTE: Recreations are not a Design Service.
We will recreate artwork as close as possible to your original sample, however fonts and colours may have to be changed (unless you can provide us with both the font used, and CMYK colour values). Where possible, we will try to select colours as close as possible to your sample, however it may not always be exact. The proof will be provided for your approval before proceeding for printing.

Artworking Service - Editable Files Formats

We accept editable files in these formats:

  • Adobe Illustrator — ai, .eps, .pdf
  • Adobe Photoshop — .psd, .tiff
  • Adobe InDesign — .indd (packaged files) or .pdf

Should your file be prepared in a different software, as long as the file is editable we should be able to work with it, without much problem. Unfortunately, flattened images (.jpg) are not editable and would require recreation services.

If you would like to use our artworking services, place your online order, and select the option ‘pay at the time of proofing’. Then, send us an email with your required updates.

Our Design Services

Artworking Service - Our Design Services

We also offer full-scale design services (in English & Filipino languages) that are the projects we build and design from the ground up. We collect essential information, materials, and your design brief. Our design team creates a draft of your design. Then, using your feedback and 3 rounds of revisions we adjust your layout to your liking.

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